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Gold In Your Pocket

Fall in New England is marvelous. Knees in the dirt, hands outstretched towards the CNS, we feel immeasurably fortunate for the opportunity to embrace this connection to nature on a daily basis.

Children are innately talented at engaging this connection. Grown-ups facilitate and support these explorations, but it is the children who lead them. Following, we invite you to take a tiny peek into the magical world of Community Nursery School under the backdrop of Autumn...

[A child's acorn collection brought in from home engages classmates with line & shape studies.]

[Fine motor muscles are strengthened and curiosity is piqued by hammering golf tees into an oversized pumpkin.]

[Leaves displayed the top of at the easel inspire creative masterpieces derived from fall's color palette.]

[Natural loose parts and cardboard circles set out as an invitation to create: fall pizza, anyone?!]

[An unassuming critter makes ten eager new friends in the garden studio. A bug house is promptly built to "keep him safe."]

["Leaf People" come to life via group foraging on the nature trail, sorting the found natural materials, sketching a plan, and, finally, constructing a representation.]

"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons." [Jim Bishop]

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