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Our Facility


Community Nursery School resides in a state-of-the-art, award winning facility that was designed and built in 2010. The building includes three classrooms, a library, a Studio, a kitchen, a resource room for faculty, and office spaces for administration. The CNS community takes great pride in the large outdoor space surrounding the school. There is an open expanse of grassy hills with several areas for climbing, swinging and sand play. There is a fenced-in garden studio, a water pump, a tree stump garden, a lending library, a mud kitchen, a woodland trail, a gnome house, a balance beam, swings, climbers, and several benches for relaxing. The outdoor space is used for gross motor activity and nature exploration and is thought of as an extension of the indoor learning environment. It is not uncommon for materials to be brought outside and for children to spend large periods of the day outdoors. Because each classroom has its own separate entrance, children, parents and teachers can transition easily between indoors and outdoors, inviting learning to extend and flow naturally beyond the walls.

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