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Community Nursery School is a cooperative nursery school where parents are viewed as collaborators in the educational process. Parents have the unique opportunity to participate in and support their child’s experience by helping in the classroom and working on projects and committees. Partnerships with teachers and parents reflect the underlying values of respect, collaboration, and community for all members of CNS. Children and adults alike develop a strong sense of belonging at their school.

Parent Helping/Family Helping


At CNS, parent helping (or family helping) is a very special part of our program.  Every day there is a parent volunteer or beloved family member in every classroom. This works out to be about a once a month commitment during which a parent spends the morning with their child in the classroom.  In this way, family members see first-hand what their child’s day is like and develop natural ongoing relationships with the teachers.


Parent Job


In the cooperative at CNS, every family assumes a role or job that supports the school. Parents may participate through committee work in areas such as maintenance, fundraising, technology, administrative support, and community outreach.




There are several workdays scheduled during the school year. Parents sign up to volunteer at one or more of these days throughout the year. In good weather the general work may include raking, painting, and outdoor maintenance of play equipment. Indoor maintenance may be painting, light carpentry, and cleaning. Some of our most exciting workday projects have included the creation of “Drew's Garden” and our “Woodland Trail” as they have directly benefited the children in the creation of new learning and play environments.


Joining the CNS Family


When your family joins CNS, you are making a commitment to the school just as the school is making a commitment to your family. Children learn that there is continuity between home and school as they see the adults working together to create the best possible learning environment. It does take time and energy to be a member of a cooperative. The opportunities are enjoyable, stimulating, and rewarding. It is an experience which we hope will greatly benefit both you and your child!

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